Mix for a song with up to 16 channels is €150 per track, €200 for a song with 16 to 24 channels, and €300 for a song with over 24 channels. We use a combination of high-end analog equipment and modern digital processing in order to achieve the mix with the best sonic characteristics - warmth, depth and width. Included is the temporary master for listening or testing in clubs. Possibility to transfer the mix to tape (15 IPS for hi-fi, 7.5 IPS for attitude) for an additional €10 per track.

Please submit files through this form.

Special prices for EP or album deals are negotiable, please specify the amount of songs and any special requirements. Revision until satisfaction without additional charge. We accept the following payment methods: Master, Visa, Bank Transfer and PayPal. For credit card and PayPal payments: 5% transaction fee. All prices are subjected to 25% VAT. If you have an EU VAT number or you live outside Europe we don't need to apply VAT.