Stereo or stem mastering

Stereo or stem mastering for digital, vinyl, cassette tape, and streaming1. Pricing per track: €100 (stereo master), €170 (stem2 master with up to 8 sub-mix channels)3. Turnaround time is 5-9 days. Please read the section below for more details on quotations and additional options. Special prices for EP/album package are negotiable.

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1 Additional format, for example, a dedicated master for two different formats (vinyl + digital, or digital + cassette), is added €5 per track.

2 Mix consultation is a crucial part of the process, especially with stem master process where you'll get precise instructions on how to prepare the best possible stems for us. Additionally, we'll deliver the mixed stems back to you, for seamless integration into live sets and remix stems (for Native Instruments Traktor or devices such as Pioneer DJS 1000).

3 An additional version of a mastered track, such as an instrumental mix or bonus beats, is added €25.
All options include mix consulting and premaster check in order to ensure the needed quality of the final product.
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