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Workshops, masterclass sessions, in-depth one-to-one tutoring, and consultations. Education services are priced by-case

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United POP Academy (2020 to the present)

A course on the "History of Electronic Music" at the Music & Sound department of United Pop Academy.

Red Bull Music (2018 to the present)

A column titled "The Jan Diaries", focused on various music, engineering, and DJ culture topics.

Zagreb Music Conference (2016 to the present)

Zagreb Music Conference is a music industry conference held in Zagreb, operating through a series of workshops, panels, lectures, studio sessions, and Q&A's. We were included from the first year, 2016, and held lectures and workshops in every following edition.

Zagreb Music Conference
The School of Graphics, Design and Media Production (2016)

Audio engineering class at Zagreb's School of Graphics, Design and Media Production.

EMI Institute (2014 - 2020)

A course on the "History of Electronic Music" from 2014 to 2020, when EMI Institute got joined with United POP Academy.

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