Zarkoff - Short Existence - Healing Sounds - PDV Records 2021

1. Zarkoff - Short Existence

Second single from the 'Healing Sounds' Croatia Earthquakes Relief Project is out, announcing the start of the funding campaign and the full compilation pre-orders (coming out on the 22nd of March).

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"Healing Sounds", second announcement single 'Short Existence' by Zarkoff is released (PDV Records web site)
A new, second single from the upcoming benefit compilation "Healing Sounds - Croatia Earthquakes Relief Project" was released today. The song is called Short Existence and is the work of Sisak producer Zarkoff. The fact that his hometown was also affected by the earthquakes particularly impressed him with the sight of a ruined church. Although he does not declare himself a believer, the painting itself left a deep impression on him, about which he said the following: “That church has a personal meaning for me. I’m not religious, but my parents ’house, where I grew up, is only 300m from there, so the view of that church has always been something“ homey ”to me. And that morning before the earthquake I was there, I used to walk the dog next to that church, but I never went inside in my life.”
The author of the photo is Goran Jakuš. About the idea for the cover of this single, illustrator/designer Luka Vucić said the following: "Considering that an organist named Stanko Zec died in the earthquake in that church, I thought it would be okay to put him still playing. The accident happened. out of his love for the organ and the church. He had a need to go to his organ, to play, to sing, and to take care of them, which he did for many years with great love. " Mr. Zec was reportedly killed while cleaning an organ that had been covered in plaster and dust from a minor earthquake the day before.
ecall, the compilation will be released in digital format, as well as on vinyl in two parts. The compilation album contains mostly exclusive compositions, created exclusively for this occasion, and it currently contains (in alphabetical order): Andrea Ljekaj, Antonio Zuza, Disrupted Project, Egoless, Fabris Audio, Insolate, Ivan Komlinovic, Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie, Kodin, Koolade, Le Chocolat Noir, Laseech, Microslav, Qwerty, PEZNT, Petar Dundov & Ilija Rudman, RFMN, Sergej Snooze, VRH, Zarkoff.
The third and last announcement single will be released in March, while the release of the compilation is planned for Monday, March 22, or more precisely on the anniversary of the Zagreb earthquake. The compilation will be published that day exclusively on the PDV Records Bandcamp profile, while it will appear on all other services, as well as on vinyl, during April.
The second part of the vinyl release will be released after the summer, with new exclusive songs, which will subsequently be added to the digital edition of the compilation. Vinyl releases will also have an additional note of dedication and a farewell ceremony with the Sirup Club (2009-2016). The total revenue generated after the publication of the compilation will be paid into the account of Solidarna Foundation and Fund 5.5.
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