Jan Kincl - Pretty Things (DJ mix recorded for Decisive Podcast Series)

For the new Decisive Podcast session I wanted to display some of the amazing voices I’ve been vibing to lately, and basically let them do all the talking. Byron The Aquarius, Omar, Amp Fiddler, Tkumah Sadeek and George Benson did most of the work here, together with Rasheeda Ali, Dashill Smith, Alton Miller, Kelli Hand, Joaquin Claussel, and a few pieces from myself. Hope you enjoy it, peace.
01. Byron The Aquarius - Timeless - Vocal Mix - Axis
02. Jan Kincl - LA Rework feat Regis Kattie - PDV Records (white label)
03. Omar - Benefit - Alton Miller Remix - People Of Earth
04. Unknown Artist - Do It Over Again - Jan Kincl Instrumental Dub - (white label)
05. K. Hand - Remember When - Acacia Records
06. Alton Miler feat Amp Fiddler - When The Morning Comes - Superb Entertainment Records
07. Tkumah Sadeek - Will Be There - Joaquin "Joe" Claussell's Cosmic Arts Version - Future Vision World
08. Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie - G's Cycle Encore Cut 01 - Live At Pločnik, Zagreb - PDV Records
09. George Benson - The World Is A Ghetto - Warner Bros. Records

Published on February 25th, 2021 for Roberto Q. Ingram's Decisive Podcast Series.
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