Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie - Two Sides of Blue Funk / Deux Côtés De Funk Bleu EP (2019)

PDV Records PDV039

01 Blue Funk (LP Version) 09:25
02 Blue Funk (Javonntte & Jan Kinčl Remix) 06:45
03 Funk Bleu (Instrumental Version) feat Krunoslav Levačić, Davor Križić and Luka Veselinović 05:32
04 Funk Bleu (Janko Novoselić’s ‘The Cuban Space Program’ Live Version) feat Hrvoje Rupčić, Hrvoje Galler and
Zvonimir Šestak 11:31

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“Two Sides Of Blue Funk” is a second EP for from Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie, a deep house/jazz live duo based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Coming out on March 6th for their home label PDV Records, the release is based around “Blue Funk” track. Initially released on their globally acclaimed debut album “In Plain Sight”, "Blue Funk" is re-imagined in several different versions to showcase the full musical spectrum in which the duo operats - from deep house all the way to jazz.

English-titled house versions are the original mix and a remix done in collaboration between Detroit artist Javonntte & Jan Kinčl; while the French-titled “Funk Bleu” jazz versions come in the form of an instrumental rework featuring respected local musicians Krunoslav Levačić, Davor Križić and Luka Veselinović; and Janko Novoselić’s ‘The Cuban Space Program’ live version featuring again some of the best Croatia has to offer - Hrvoje Rupčić, Hrvoje Galler and Zvonimir Šestak.

Supported by Afrikan Sciences, DJ Bone, Guy McCreery, Alex Attias, Cottam, Alton Miller, Andrej Laseech, Derrick L. Carter, Jimpster, Kai Alcé, Laurent Garnier, Yoshi Horino, Mark Flash, Mark Grusane, Norm Talley, Pablo Valentino, Santiago Salazar and Trinidadian Deep.
Written by Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie. Keyboards by Regis Kattie. Mixed by Igor Fabris at Avid Studio Zagreb. Mastered by Igor Fabris at Avid Studio Zagreb. Track 1 written by Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie. Produced and arranged by Jan Kincl at Cycle Studio Zagreb. Inspired by Kerri Chandler’s "Get It Off". Track 2 written by Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie. Remix and additional production by Javonntte & Jan Kinčl. Co-produced by Igor Fabris at Avid Studio Zagreb. Arranged by Jan Kinčl. Bass written and performed by Javonntte. Additional drums by Janko Novoselić. Additional percussion by Hrvoje Rupčić. Additional mix by Jan Kinčl. Track 3 written and arranged by Regis Kattie. Produced by Jan Kinčl at Cycle Studio Zagreb. Co-produced by Igor Fabris at Avid Studio Zagreb. Drums by Krunoslav Levačić. Electric Bass by Luka Veselinović. Flugelhorn by Davor Križić. Recorded by Denis Rostohar and Igor Fabris at DLR Studio Zagreb. Track 4 written by Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie. Remix and arranged by Janko Novoselić. Drums by Janko Novoselić. Electric Bass by Zvonimir Šestak. Electric Piano by Hrvoje Galler. Percussion by Hrvoje Rupčić. Recorded by Jan Kinčl at Boogie Club in Zagreb. Produced by Igor Fabris at Avid Studio Zagreb. Artwork by Negra Nigoević. © 2019 PDV Records.