Jan Kincl & Regis Kattie - In Plain Sight LP

PDV Records 2018 PDV030

A1 You Never Told Me Parts 1&2 (live at Galerija Cvajner, Pula)
A2 Florette feat. Luka Veselinović
A3 G's Cycle Encore Cut 01 (live at Pločnik, Zagreb)
B1 How Quentin Lost His Jazz
B2 Blue Funk (For Kerri)
B3 How Quentin Got His Jazz Back feat. Luka Veselinović & Mirsad Dalipi

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Described as one of the most significant pieces of Croatian contemporary dance music, this is a deeply jazz-informed house album recorded by Croatian-French duo Jan Kinčl and Regis Kattie as their debut.

In Plain Sight almost invariably leans towards organic and looser side of house music, and features two additional musicians - Zagreb bassist Luka Veselinović from the Veselino Jazz Project and Mirsad Dalipi, a Kosovo-born drummer and percussionist from Gipsy Groove band. The record consists of 6 songs, 4 of which are studio pieces, 2 are taken directly from live show recordings.

The album has been getting immense support from all over the world and from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Volcov, Alex Barck (Jazzanova), Claude Young, Rainer Trueby, DJ Nobu, Tony Humphries, Kai Alcé, Lefto, Afrikan Sciences, K-Alexi, Gene Hunt, Javonntte, Scott Grooves, Rick Wade, Patrick Gibin and many others.

Written and arranged by Jan Kinčl and Regis Kattie at CYCLE studio and Anouk’s living room (except A3 and B3). Keyboards composed and performed by Regis Kattie. Produced by Jan Kinčl at CYCLE studio in Zagreb. Engineered, mixed and made to hit like a ton of bricks by Igor “Don Fabrizio” Fabris at AVID studio in Zagreb. Tape magic by Ilija Rudman at True Colours studio in Zagreb. Mastered by Petar Dundov at Neumatik studio in Zagreb / Mastered by Igor Fabris at Avid studio in Zagreb. Vinyl manufactured at SoulPeddler GmbH. Artwork by Negra Nigoević. Published by PDV. Managed by Jah Zvonimir Ante Stamać. Made possible by Vedran Meniga and PDV/Pozitivan Ritam crew. Inspired by Donald Byrd, Quincey Jones and Kerri Chandler. © 2018 PDV Records. ℗ 2018 PDV Records. 

A1 recorded live at Ame, Galerija Cvajner (Pula) on January 21st 2017 and contains a sample from Quincey Jones’ “I Never Told You” (Walking In Space LP) with bass by Ray Browns, drums by Grady Tate and keys by Bob James. Two ladies chatting in the background - Tihana Nenadović Cvajner and Ana Modrušan. A2 features a wonderful bass part played by Luka Veselinović and contains a sample from Quincey Jones’ “Walking In Space” (Walking In Space LP) with vocals by Maeretha Stewart, Hilda Harris, Marilyn Jackson and Valerie Simpson. Official video directed by Dalibor Barić. A3 is a little something taken from our first public live performance on a special CYCLE edition in Pločnik (Zagreb) on November 17th 2017. B1 happened during an improvisation part at the Pločnik show and later turned into a song for this album. B2 influenced by Kerri Chandler’s “Get It Off” (Super Lover EP) and contains a vocal sample from that same song. Was meant to be a cover but went somewhere else. Done with much respect. B3 written by Regis Kattie, Luka Veselinović and Mirsad Dalipi. Keyboards played by Regis Kattie, drums by Mirsad Dalipi and bass by Luka Veselinović. Ambience recording from Masters club in Zagreb before one of our CYCLE sessions.