Various Artists - 'Healing Sounds' Croatia Earthquakes Relief Project (2021)

PDV Records PDV048

Featuring Petar Dundov, Ilija Rudman, RMFN, Zarkoff, Microslav, Qwerty, Antonio Zuza, Koolade, Kozmodrum, Jan Kincl, Laseech, PEZNT, Divine Essence, Element 33, Ivan Komlinovic, Igor Fabris, Andrea Ljekaj, Le Chocolat Noir, Insolate, Disrupted Project, Egoless, Kodin, and VRH.

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"Healing Sounds", a benefit compilation album of the domestic electronic scene for earthquake victims is out (PDV Records web site)
"Healing Sounds - Croatia Earthquakes Relief Project" a benefit compilation album of the domestic electronic scene for earthquake victims was released today. The album has been released in digital format, while the vinyl release is expected in two parts in the coming months. At the initiative of Nenad Barić and Jan Kinčl as the initiators of the project with the publishing support of the PDV Records, domestic producers gathered, submitting their compositions for this occasion. The album contains mostly exclusive songs, created exclusively for this occasion, and it currently contains (in alphabetical order): Andrea Ljekaj, Antonio Zuza, Disrupted Project, Egoless, Fabris Audio, Insolate, Ivan Komlinovic, Jan Kinčl feat Regis Kattie, Kodin, Koolade, Le Chocolat Noir, Laseech, Microslav, Qwerty, PEZNT, Petar Dundov & Ilija Rudman, RFMN, VRH, Zarkoff.

As of today, the compilation is exclusively available on the PDV Records Bandcamp profile, while it will appear on all other services in mid-April. The first part of the vinyl release is expected by the beginning of summer. The second part of the vinyl release will be released after the summer, with new exclusive songs, which will subsequently be added to the digital edition of the compilation. The fundraising campaign is still open.
Right now, Croatian oldies radio are playing a vintage reggae tune ’Better Must Come’, by the late Delroy Wilson. It's a record from the deep past, but sounds like the message of new hope that we really need to hear after too much bad karma over the last year.
Alongside the struggle with the omnipresent Covid-19 pandemic, several strong earthquakes hit  the Croatian capital of Zagreb and its surrounding area first in the spring, and then in the winter of 2020. The strongest post Christmas quake was of a magnitude 6.2, and almost completely destroyed the town of Petrinja and nearby villages.
Thousands lost their homes in that horrible disaster, and many good people from all over Croatia are trying to help them as much as possible. Deep house DJ Jan Kinčl and his mate Nenad Barić, from the d’n’b crew Confusion, immediately started the charity project ‘Healing Sounds’ on PDV Records.

They have the finest selection of brand new tracks and some previously unreleased mixes by 20 Croatian electronic music artists, launched the exclusive collaboration of two long lasting international electronic stars Petar Dundov and Ilija Rudman on the first single ‘Morning Glory’.

The next move of  ‘Healing Sounds – Croatia Earthquake Relief Project’ will be a digital release on Bandcamp, alongside an online charity funding campaign and a couple of vinyl releases filled with more new tracks later this year.

From our correspondant in Croatia, Ilko Čulić
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