Eddy Ramich presents Croatian Blue (upcoming Sep 24th, 2021)

BBE Records

Genre: Electronic / Acid Jazz
Type: Compilation
Format: CD, digital
Release date: 24. September 2021

Featuring Chui, Koolade, Jan Kincl, Eddy Ramich, Homeboy, Ilija Rudman, Disrupted Project, Laseech, Ante Matas, and Janko Novoselić.

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Eddy Ramich presents Croatian Blue - A Selection of Contemporary Jazz-influenced Electronic Music from Croatia
BBE Music presents Croatian Blue, the debut compilation from DJ and producer Eddy Ramich, showcasing some of the finest musicians and producers from his homeland, many of whom recorded exclusive new material especially for the project.
Founder of Kontrapunkt, one of the longest running club nights in Zagreb and host of a show on the city’s radio station ‘101’ for 18 years, Eddy Ramich has been championing great music in Croatia and beyond for three decades now. Now residing in Berlin, Ramich’s deep roots in Croatia’s music scene have enabled him to feature some of his home country’s most exciting talents on this impeccable and carefully curated selection of music.

With the help of his friend, local DJ and producer Jan Kincl, Eddy began to search for unreleased tracks by some of his favourite artists and also to request original works for the album.
Focussing on fresh creative output coming through the Croatian music scene, the album roams from laidback Balearic sounds and languid jazz, through to Chicago and Detroit influenced House and melodic techno.
It was really exciting for me to curate this compilation for one of my favourite labels, BBE Music” says Ramich. “The moment couldn’t have been better chosen, as it was just before the COVID epidemic struck, and so the album painted a picture just before the world was changed forever. This can only be a snapshot of the current Croatian scene. I am really curious about what the future holds for the sound of Croatia. Enjoy this small glimpse into the crystal ball.

1. By The Way - Chui
2. Mary & Steff - Koolade
3. South Side 128 - Jan Kincl
4. Kana’s Groove - Eddy Ramich
5. Floripa - Homeboy
6. Sparks - Ilija Rudman
7. Dissolve - Disrupted Project
8. Mesmerizing Dreams - Laseech
9. A Finger of Wine - Ante Matas
10. Rogla Beat (Live at Boogie, Zagreb) - Janko Novoselić
Credits for Jan Kincl 'South Side 128':
Track 3 produced, recorded, edited, and arranged by Jan Kincl at Cycle Studio Zagreb. Composed by Jan Kincl and Regis Kattie. Keyboards by Regis Kattie and Chris Leate. Brass performed by Zvonimir Bajevic. Guitar performed by Joe Pandur. Flute performed by Zarko Hajdarhodzic. Mixed by Jan Kincl and Igor Fabris at Fabris Audio Studio Berlin.
Elektor Awards 2022 - best album/compilation